Open-source Qu & Co quantum-codes


Release of open-source Qu & Co quantum-code-chemistry
Amsterdam, July 31st, 2019

Today Qu & Co, a quantum-computing software developer, announces the release of its first open-source Qu & Co quantum-code.

Qu & Co quantum-codes are a collection of open-source quantum-algorithm libraries, which can be run either on a quantum-simulator or a quantum-processor. Our quantum-codes provide some insight in how we translate academic research in the field of quantum-information into practical applications. Qu & Co quantum-codes are also an invitation to the quantum-community to share knowledge and work together on advancing the development and adoption of industry-relevant quantum-applications.

Qu & Co quantum-codes are open-source and offer only a small insight into the range of algorithms we develop for our corporate clients. If you are interested to learn more about our solutions for chemistry, material-science, life-sciences or quantum-AI, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Qu & Co quantum-code-chemistry is an end-to-end stack, which compiles and executes quantum-chemistry algorithms for current-day (small and noisy) quantum-processors. The package is highly customizable and can be executed on a wide range of simulation backend types, in addition to being able to run on Rigetti Computing’s QPU accessed through the Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services Platform. Users may configure their own quantum-circuits, or use built-in functionality, which allows the user to turn the outcome from various classical computational-chemistry packages into the starting point for creating their own problem-specific quantum-algorithm. For more information please visit

Qu & Co quantum-code-chemistry implements the so-called Variational Quantum Eigensolver (VQE), which is a quantum-computing algorithm well suited for working with the limitations of current-day small and noisy quantum-processors, because it shortens the necessary quantum-circuits by applying a quantum-classical hybrid optimization scheme. Our quantum-code-chemistry is highly flexible, allowing the user to implement quantum-circuits of their own design or use the built-in unitary coupled-cluster with singles and doubles (UCCSD) method as an Ansatz.

The release of Qu & Co quantum-code-chemistry also marks our first contribution as a QCS Development Partner of quantum-hardware developer Rigetti Computing. QCS serves as a single access point to Rigetti's quantum-processors and quantum-simulators. As a QCS Development Partner, Qu & Co uses the QCS platform for developing quantum-applications and to distribute them to our clients and to the broader QCS community. For more information please visit

About Qu & Co
Qu & Co is a quantum-software development firm started in 2017. Together with our corporate clients, we work on developing quantum-computational-chemistry and quantum-machine-learning algorithms and software, which we implement on the quantum-simulators and quantum-processors of our quantum-hardware partners like Rigetti, IBM and Microsoft. In their work, our postdoc-level quantum-developers are supported by an academic advisory board. For more information, you can visit