Quantum-ai as-a-service

The promise of Quantum AI

Over the last years many promising quantum-algorithms have been proposed for a wide range of typical machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tasks including clustering, dimension reduction, continuous estimation, classification, anomaly detection, recommendation systems, data generation and general optimization problems. The behavior of quantum-computing devices is best described by linear algebra in very high-dimensional vector spaces, which is a promising starting-point for pursuing enhancement of classical ML/AI. Also, quantum processing units (QPUs) can generate quantumstates with probability distributions that are hard to sample from classically. This feature is believed to allow QPUs to recognize data-patterns that are hard to recognize classically. Many other classically intractable ML/AI problems could perhaps benefit from quantum-enhancements, including e.g. belief propagation, tensor factorization or submodular problems. Within the Quantum AI domain, Qu & Co's main focus is on developing quantum-enhanced AI/ML: hybrid methods combining QPU with CPU/GPU solutions.


Quantum AI as-a-service

Qu & Co works closely together with your in-house ML/AI experts to identify which parts of your ML/AI stack (CPU and GPU) could be enhanced by Quantum AI. We develop the necessary quantum-algorithms for you, implement those on the best available quantum hardware and create the necessary plug-ins and workflows to integrate our solutions with your existing CPU/GPU stack. We can implement proof-of-concept projects to benchmark the performance of quantum-enhanced solutions running on current-day QPUs and we can develop solutions and resource-estimations for future large-scale fault-tolerant QPUs.

Quantum computers

Around 1980, quantum-computers were first proposed as a more natural way to simulate quantum-dynamics. However, the monumental technical challenges in realizing this concept meant that it took scientists 30+ years to be able to realize such devices. Today quantum-computing is no longer a theoretical concept: €1+ bln is invested annually in quantum-technologies, quantum-processors from several developers are rapidly becoming available and multiple successive break-throughs in algorithm development are starting to bring industry-relevant applications within reach. Qu & Co uses the latest quantum-processors from our hardware-partners to implement our algorithms. By continuously pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with quantum-algorithms and quantum-hardware, we believe we can help solve critical computational problems you and your clients face today and in the future.