Dr. Vincent Elfving - CTO

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Vincent is a quantum-physicist with a doctorate from the University of Copenhagen where his research focused on quantum-computational chemistry and theoretical quantum-optics at the Niels Bohr Institute under supervision of professor Anders Sørensen. Previously he completed his Masters at the University of Tokyo and Bachelors at Delft University of Technology. Vincent also worked as a researcher at Google, in the quantum-hardware team of John Martinis, where he focused on implementing quantum-computational chemistry simulations and quantum optimization strategies on current-day quantum-processors with three different superconducting qubit architectures. In his role as CTO of Qu & Co, Vincent leads our quantum-algorithm development activities and our implementations of such algorithms on the quantum-processors of our hardware partners.

Benno Broer - CEO

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Benno is an experimental quantum-physicist from Delft University in the Netherlands, graduated in 1998 on quantum-dot research in the quantum-transport group (now QuTech) under Leo Kouwenhoven (now Microsoft). Benno is also a serial entrepreneur and experienced executive consultant and as our CEO dedicated to translating emerging quantum-technologies into high-value industry-relevant solutions. Outside of Qu & Co, he is an advisor to quantum-computing hardware-developer BraneCell ( and founder-owner of a local Dutch strategy consulting firm with 30 associate partners. Previously he worked in strategy consulting at the Boston Consulting Group, banking at ING Bank and private equity at Alpinvest Partners and holds an MBA cum laude from INSEAD in France;

IBM Q network member

Qu & Co is a member of the IBM Q Network, a worldwide community of leading companies, startups, academic institutions and national research labs, working with IBM to advance quantum computing and to explore practical applications for business and science. IBM Q Network members are invited to contribute to the accelerating field of quantum computing and the IBM Q ecosystem and have a formal agreement to access IBM Q quantum computing systems, beyond what is available publicly.